Surprise free A1 poster distribution in Akihabara!

To commemorate the broadcasting and release of the Null & Peta anime, A1 posters we will be distributed in Akihabara. They will be distributed today (27th Sep) at the Sofmap AKIBA① store in the Subculture and Mobile building from 6:00pm and the Toranoana Akihabara store from 7:00pm.

【Date & Place】
September 27 (Fri) from 6:00pm, Sofmap AKIBA ① Shop in the Subculture & Mobile Building
September 27 (Fri) from 7:00pm, Toranoana Akihabara A Store
※ Please refrain from forming a line prior to distribution.
* Please note that the number of posters is limited.

The Null & Peta game release date has been set for December 20th!
The Blu-Ray standard version comes with all 12 episode + 1 OVA. The game is a 2D action game and will be redeemable via Steam key.
Click here for details