TV broadcast at ChibaTV and AT-X! New information including key visuals will continue to be released!

Null & Peta's TV broadcast time has been decided. It will air every Saturday from October 5 on ChibaTV from 2:30am, and every Friday from October 4 on AT-X from 10:40pm.

Broadcast Information
ChibaTV: Every Saturday from October 5 at 2:30am.
AT-X: Every Friday from October 4 at 10:40pm.
*Repeat broadcasting: Every Monday at 2:40pm, Every Thursday 06:40am
Click here for details on broadcasting and distribution information

Furthermore, the official website is open!
With the release of the site, we also have new key visuals!
The OP theme will be “#NULL! * Peta” by Null (VA: Azumi Waki) and Peta (VA: Reina Ueda)!
Please look forward to the song as well!

OP Song Information
Title: #NULL! * Peta
Song: Null (VA: Azumi Waki), Peta (VA: Reina Ueda)
Lyrics: Yashikin, Composition: Yuki Kishida, Arrangement: Yuki Kishida