Lyrics reveal for the opening theme "#NULL! * Peta"

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With the anime's full story now released, this week's blog will reveal the lyrics of the opening song “#NULL! * Peta”.
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Opening theme "#NULL! * Peta" lyrics

Song: Null (VA: Azumi Waki), Peta (VA: Reina Ueda)
Lyrics: Yashikin Composition: Yuki Kishida Arrangement: Yuki Kishida

【Null】My mechanical sister has sharp tongue But, but, she has a gently programmed heart
【Peta】Are you eating well? You should go to school everyday and make some friends

【Null】Topology, torus, fractal
【Peta】You're in a deep sleep and dreaming like that again

【Together】#NULL!*Peta Let's dive into the ocean of geometry
【Null】Float【Peta】(Float) 【Null】Sway【Peta】(Sway)
【Together】We're floating
【Together】#NULL!*Peta Where we arrived after being swept away by the wave of numerical formulas Was a world I never really knew

【Peta】My science-y little sister is a lonely girl But, but, she has a warm heart
【Null】You don't have to take care of me too much I'll go to school when um... I've finished solving the Riemann hypothesis

【Peta】Fire power is the key to Chinese food 【Null】It'll burn life away Dark fried rice (Dark matter)
【Peta】That's not【Null】(No!)【Peta】True!【Null】(No!)
【Peta】You'll eat this and go to school 【Null】(I won't go!)
【Peta】Full nutrition【Null】But it's full of carbs!

【Peta】I wonder if she'll be able to wake up in the morning【Null】The sun is out, goodnight zzz
【Peta】I wonder if she'll make 100 friends【Null】Everyone is emotionless
【Peta】In the jet, vroom, vroom, vroom!【Null】 I don't want to, boom, boom, boom!
【Peta】Go! Go!【Null】No! No!
【Peta】Hurry【Null】And turn around【Together】And stay zero

【Together】#NULL!*Peta Climb up the mountain of life
【Peta】Move forward【Null】(Move forward)【Peta】Go back【Null】(Go back)
【Together】We're stopping
【Together】#NULL!*Peta After getting vaccumed into the air of unconsciousness and waking up Where was I just now?

【Null】Even if I close my eyes【Peta】It's the same view
【Null】If I wait【Peta】And be a good girl
【Null】Maybe a new day【Together】Will come to me

【Together】#NULL!*Peta Getting lost amongst imaginary numbers
【Together】We're drifting
【Together】Null & Peta I know that we can meet On the other side of the sky of unconsciousness Lovely sisters

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