The final episode of the Null & Peta anime has been released and we're answering questions about the game.

The final episode of the anime is out.
Thank you all for watching.
From today on Friday, December 20 at 24:00 Nico Nico Live Broadcast & Null & Peta Radio Show will start. December 28 (Sat) - 31 (Tue) Comic Market 97, January 31 (Fri) Null & Peta game will be released. And March 1st (Sunday), Azumi Waki and Reina Ueda will be on stage during the event. We will have more stuff coming, so please continue to support us.
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In this blog, we'll be presenting information about the Null & Peta game demo that is now able to be downloaded.
We will answer to questions we got from everyone on twitter.
Even if you do not have a PC game controller, you can try using a console controller such as PS4 or XBOX controller connected to the PC. The Null & Peta premium version also includes a limited edition Null & Peta game controller, so please make sure to preorder it.

Keyboard operation

Arrow Keys ← →

Move Left and Right

Arrow Key ↑

Press ↑ at the stage gate to move between the gates
Investigate where you are interested in the stage, communicate with Null, you can also trigger events that allows you to see CG events

Arrow Key ↓


A + arrow key ← →

Select a Weapon (Only three of them are available in the demo)


Activate Peta(Robo) Mode


Attack With Selected Weapon


AOE Attack


Jump (You can also double jump)

About the Stages

In the Null & Peta game, there are various stages including Siberia and the Amazon, as well as the Akiba stage currently available in the demo.

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