Details for the Null & Peta bundle purchasers only event have been decided!

The details for the free Null & Peta game and anime bundle purchasers event on March 1 (Sun) have been decided. Those who have applied using the "event application ticket" enclosed in the package will be invited via lottery.

Event Summary

Null & Peta Game & Anime Bundle Purchaser Limited Event

Cast: Azumi Waki, Reina Ueda
Date and time: March 1st (Sun) 12:00, opening 12:30
Location: Comic Toranoana Akihabara Store C Event Floor
Cost: Free *If there are many applicants it will be decided by lottery

Ticket application method

If you have purchased the Null & Peta Anime & Game Bundle Version (TV anime standard version, TV anime premium version), you can apply for 1 ticket.
Enter the serial code shown on the event application ticket to apply.

Reception Date: January 31 (Fri) 0:00 - February 17 (Mon) 23:59
Result Announcement: Scheduled for February 19 (Wed)
Application URL:

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